Welcome to the homepage of Jan Christian Habel

I am working in different fields of conservation biology, ecology and biogeography – mainly on invertebrates (butterflies, beetles, scorpions), but also vertebrates (mainly bird species). In my research studies I am focusing on:

  • North Africa as speciation centre
  • The biological value of extant populations
  • Global biodiversity hotspots under global change
  • Biogeography and conservation of East African highland biota, and
  • Species persistence in fragmented gallery forests of East Africa.

I am interested to bring together several research disciplines. Thus I am working in various methodological fields as:

  • Molecular genetics (Allozymes, microsatellites, DNA sequencing)
  • Ecological analyses (Nestedness analyses, Mark-Release-Recapture analyses)
  • Geometric morphometrics
  • Bioacoustics
  • Movement ecology (VHF and GPS telemetry)
  • Modelling approaches (SDMs and others)

Central focus of my studies is how biodiversity at comunity scale, species and population level, to intraspecific level (as morphology, molecules and behaviour) are affected from past (e.g. Quaternary climatic oscillations) and recent (e.g. habitat deterioration) environmental changes.

Some key-publications: 

Habel JC, Schmitt T (2012) The burden of genetic diversity. Biological Conservation 147: 270-274.

Habel JC, Zachos FE (2012) Habitat fragmentation versus fragmented habitats. Biodiversity and Conservation 21: 2987-2990.

Habel JC, Husemann M, Finger A, Danley PD, Zachos FE (2013) The relevance of time series in molecular ecology and conservation biology. Biological Reviews 89: 484-492.

Husemann M, Schmitt T, Zachos FE, Ulrich W, Habel JC (2014) Palaearctic biogeography revisited: evidence for the existence of a North African refugium for Western Palaearctic biota. Journal of Biogeography 41: 81-94.