Molecular biogeography of Europe

Southern refugia and range shifts of thermophilic species are detectable for many butterfly species. Pleistocene climatic oscillation caused severe range changes of species, which often survived in southern refugia around the Mediterranean. These range changes were reconstructed by genetic analyses. The genetic imprints of the past like distinct genetic lineages in Central Europe, as analysed for Melanargia galathea and Maniola jurtina, give evidence for isolated refugia and postglacial recolonisation pathways. Furthermore, Sea Straits are often barriers and cause restricted gene-flow. Genetic analyses on four butterfly species showed no genetic differentiation despite a more than 140km sea-barrier; the reason is the much lower sea-level of the Mediterranean Sea (during the Salinity Crisis), which caused a merging of the two landmasses of Italy and North Africa. (Markers: allozymes, morphometry, funded by the Musée national d´histoire naturelle Luxembourg).

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