Evolution in tropical mountain forests of East Africa

The tropical mountain forests of East Africa represent distinct hotspots of species evolution and are highly endangered by habitat destruction and rising temperatures. Most of these areas are strongly isolated and therefore species have evolved into distinct groups, as for example shown in the bird Zosterops poliogaster. This very sedentary species exclusively occurs in tropical mountain forest. Molecular and ecological methods give evidences for (i) the evolution of different genetic groups, (ii) effects of the strong fragmentation among and within the forested mountains, (iii) their dispersal ability, (iv) the habitat suitability and (v) possible future distribution shifts. The obtained data will be compared with related taxa showing stronger dispersal (e.g. Zosterops abyssinicus flaviteralis, Zosterops senegalensis). Finally, these data allow the formulation of guidelines for nature conservation of tropical mountain forest in East Africa. Beside representatives of Zosterops-species, further bird species are part of the study (markers: DNA sequences, microsatellites, AFLPs, mark-release-recapture studies, habitat analysis, climate envelope models, bioacustics, telemetry, funded by the Musée national d´histoire naturelle Luxembourg, Germany Academic Exchange Service, DAAD).

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