Most of the studies were elaborated with many other scientists and students from various universities and other institutions all over the world (as the conducted field-work on Mt. Kulal in the North of Kenya – at close proximity to Lake Turkana – picture above) (with Steffen Keulig – Leuphana University Lüneburg Germany and Kioko Mukua – National Museums of Kenya Nairobi). In my projects are various PostDocs, PhD students, Bachelor and Master-students involved.

Some of my collaboraters are:

Thomas Schmitt (Trier University, Germany), Frank E. Zachos (Natural History Museum Vienna, Austria), Martin Husemann (Baylor University, USA), Aline Finger (ETH Zürich, Switzerland), Thorsten Aßmann (Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany), Dennis Rödder (Alexander König Museum, Germany), Jan O. Engler (Alexander König Museum, Germany), Leonardo Dapporto (Firence, Italy), Sofie Vandewoestijne (Louvain la Neuve, Belgium), Luc Lens (Ghent University, Belgium), Ronald K. Mulwa (NMK Nairobi, Kenya), Russell A. Mittermeier (Conservation International, USA), John C. Avise (Irvine University, USA), Werner Ulrich (Toruń, Poland)

… and many others!